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Mechanisms of tumor regeneration will
factor into most cancer outcomes.


Let's work together to deliver
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Working with Us

Verik has now established the IP path for our High Curative Potential (HCP) T cell epitopes. Our work continues to focus on additional ways to target a tumor‘s regenerative component and the in silico technology to support that discovery. At the same time, we want to see our candidates have clinical impact as soon as possible. Thus, we are open to working with others to bring forward T cell therapies using our proprietary High Curative Potential epitopes.


Incorporating knowledge of regeneration will be crucial in most novel cancer therapies, where the goal is to be curative. For cancer immunotherapy, the biological significance of the target will become increasingly vital as value becomes measured by the therapy‘s ability to cure.


Verik welcomes establishing relationships with academic and industry groups, as well as foundations, that can commit to advancing regeneration-savvy T cell-based and enabling companion therapies. These relationships can take the form of scientific collaborations, development partnerships, or licensing of patented High Curative Potential (HCP) T cell epitopes.


If you have an interest in working with us, please contact
Dr. Susan Sullivan to explore possibilities.



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