David Presky
Susan Sullivan
Janet Young
Joseph Laning
Doug Hardin
Nancy Parenteau

Our skill and experience in normal
human biology provided the framework
to tackle the dynamics of tumor biology.


We understand what it takes to design
a best-in-class therapeutic.

Curative by Design™

Nancy L. Parenteau, Ph.D.


  • Principal Founder & Leader, Cell
    and Developmental Biologist

Susan J. Sullivan, Ph.D.


  • Principal, Operations and Relationships

Janet H. Young, Ph.D.


  • Co-founder, Cellular Immunologist

Joseph C. Laning, Ph.D.


  • Co-founder, Molecular Immunologist

David Presky, Ph.D.


  • Advisor, Biologics,
    Immunotherapy Development

Doug Hardin, Ph.D.


  • Advisor and Consultant, Mathematician, Machine Learning, Algorithm Development

Translating complex biology is both an art and science. The founders of Verik know this from experience. In 2011, they recognized that the field of adoptive cell therapy could ultimately benefit from what they knew.


Previously, they were instrumental in establishing the field of tissue engineering, having pioneered the development of the first regulated living cell-based therapy in the US from an academic concept to market. The product, Apligraf® (Organogenesis Inc.), represents a yet unmatched scientific and medical achievement. Apligraf® remains both a first- and best-in-class therapy in wound healing after over twenty years in the real world–helping over a million patients.


Verik was founded to bring know-how acquired while working with normal biology and immunology to cancer biology. The knowledge and skills learned in tissue engineering provided a unique perspective that led to needed contributions in the T-cell targeting of epithelial cancers or carcinoma. This is evidenced by Verik’s expanding intellectual property of patented and patent-pending methods for discovery and T cell epitopes for solid tumor cancers.


Verik has called on seasoned veterans of biotech, pharma, and academics to expand our core competencies. Verik represents our continuing passion for science and its use in the creation of therapies that positively impact patient lives.



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